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Sprouders Whole Produce Trading is a commercial retailer of fresh, natural and organic food straight from the field.

We implement the innovation in exportation of high quality Mexican products primarily to U.S.A and Canada.

The satisfaction and needs of a demanding movement market is our objective as well as facilitating the contact and order management from any point in time.

We provide a constant actualization of information to facilitate the intake of decisions from our clients, and streamlining the process of selection and purchase from a great variety of fresh products.


We seek to be an innovative company that contributes to sustainable development of the agricultural production and the social development of the peasant communities of Mexico. In Sprouders® are committed to the environment, selecting the best producers who include good sustainable agricultural practices being mediators between producers and buyers to deliver the best quality to our final customers.


We maintain high standards of quality and ethics in our business activities, developing a friendly business environment and ensuring good business practices.

In Sprouders® align to the compliance with all local laws, national and international, as well in the cooperation of an active communication between producers, buyers and governments.


The innovation is in all aspects of our business essential to the success, to reason that we develop our activities in an industry in constant motion, the technology allows us to maintain updated information, as well to provide the better and faster service.

We recognize new trends in early stadium and we are open to unconventional ideas. We contemplate the change as an opportunity, therefore, we encourage new ideas opening ways to the constant updating.

We are aware of the real needs of our customers and suppliers, so that, we prioritize the importance of the response time and quality of service, therefore, we recognize their rights and generate a friendly, fair and equitable treatment.

We provide absolute seriousness, security and support throughout the handling of confidential information of our customers and suppliers, taking care in every detail of management of communication and information processes of the company.

Being an engine in the export of fresh products of field, is where Sprouders® makes use of the innovation in value, thereby raising the standards of quality and forming a commitment to the market, producers and consumers.

In Sprouders® believe that the way to go is to become a company of sustainable growth and highly profitable, we have developed our management structure to improve the external focus in the market with greater speed, improving productivity and increasing efficiency.

We are focused on excellence to harness our potential in order to grow in the short, medium and long term, taking advantage of our competitive skills in a diversified, strong, and global market.